Kvarner newsletter / no 19

TV viewers enchanted by the beauty of Kvarner

When a travel programme on the Italian RAIDUE TV channel becomes the most viewed programme of the day, there must be a good reason for it. For all those who love Kvarner or would like to learn more about it, the good news is that a sequel to the programme is scheduled for the beginning of September on the same channel!

Popular Italian tourism-oriented TV show Sereno Variabile, whose first part was broadcast on the 18th of July, was entirely dedicated to Kvarner. The TV crew of the Italian RAIDUE channel visited many attractive sites in the Kvarner region, presenting its beautiful nature and varied offer to the TV audience. During filming, the journalists visited the renowned holiday resort of Opatija and the nearby interesting small towns of Lovran and Kastav, then Mali Lošinj on the island of Lošinj, Lubenice on the island of Cres, and the small island of Susak. The viewers of this TV show had the chance to see how scampi are caught and to learn why Kvarner scampi are considered to be the tastiest in the world. They also observed dolphins, went diving, and visited the small island of Susak, which is particularly interesting for its unusual appearance and tradition. In search of unforgettable tastes, the crew interviewed the chef and the owner of the Kukuriku restaurant, Mr Nenad Kukurin, the winner of a cooking show on the Italian TV, visited the exclusive properties owned by the Lovranske vile company, and shared with the viewers their experiences about Kvarner's beautiful nature and varied tourism offer. Audience measurements indicate that the show was viewed by as many as 1,940,000 people – this 14-percent viewers rate make it the most viewed show of that day.
All those who missed the first show can still learn more about Kvarner and experience some of its atmosphere in the second part of the show that will be broadcast in the beginning of September on the same TV channel, probably on the 5th of September in the afternoon. But regardless whether you have watched the shows, or have missed them for some reason, one this is certain: the invitation to visit Kvarner is now even more actual.