Kvarner newsletter / no 20

Still nice, fun and active

Numerous visitors staying on the island of Rab in September, the first month of autumn, can still enjoy swimming in the sea; however, the more agreeable air temperatures at this time of the year also offer great opportunities for hiking, cycling, or attending interesting events that will make your stay on this island even more enjoyable.

After a dynamic summer season, there are still numerous visitors enjoying their stay in some of the properties of the Imperial Rab hotel company. According to the announcements, this tendency will continue in October and part of November. To make the stay of their visitors as interesting and pleasant as possible, tourism professionals of the Rab's hotel company have prepared an extensive offer in collaboration with other companies and individuals and the island's tourism office. In September, guests can still go swimming in the sea, or enjoy walking or cycling on well-tended trails. The Hotel Padova features a wellness centre and swimming pools where visitors can swim regardless of weather conditions. Visitors can also choose from a wide range of excursions to some attractive locations on the island and in the surrounding waters. It is also possible to book an excursion to some great destinations on Croatia's mainland, most interesting probably being the trip to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Until mid-September, the island of Rab is host to the Rab Musical Evenings, which will end on the 17th of September with a concert by some of the island's traditional vocal groups. After that, the musical programme continues with a concert of a brass band; there will also be a special programme in the Mundanije holiday resort. Visitors are also invited to attend the traditional sport angling competition.

The Imperial Rab, a company specialised in hotels, catering and tourism, disposes of a total of 1,300 beds in hotels, 1,050 beds in the San Marino hotel village, 5,000 pitches in campsites, and the Suha punta holiday village with apartments and villas. The company's Hotel Imperial, the first hotel on the island rated with fours stars, from the next year will feature a wellness centre with saunas and various massage and relaxation rooms.