Kvarner newsletter / no 21

A trail for the arts
Explore the Gorski kotar sculptors' path

In addition to its wonderful nature and unique traditions, the Gorski kotar area is also known for an original attraction – the Gorski kotar sculptors' path, which invites visitors to explore the landscape from a new perspective.

One of the numerous attractions of the Gorski kotar area is definitely the Gorski kotar sculptor's path, which connects sculptures by local sculptors that were put up on important locations of the region. By finding way to each of these sculptures, visitors get the chance to learn more about other attractions of the local area, and also to find places that provide some refreshment, local culinary specialities, or accommodation for overnight stay.
Attractive wooden sculptures were created by numerous local sculptors and represent a row of contemporary motifs neatly folded into surrounding natural landscape. The path includes as many as 76 works of art located on 15 attractive locations such as the gorges of Kamačnik and Zeleni vir, the Golubinjak forest park, the Risnjak National Park, the Bajer Lake, the lakes in Lokve and Mrzle Vodice, and many more. Most of the sculptures are located in the main centres of the region: nine in Fužine, five in Delnice, and 37 in Lokve – which is no wonder, because these are all works of artists from the Gorski kotar sculptor's workshop, which is also based there.
However, other, smaller places have not been neglected either, which means that visitors who decide to take this interesting journey will have the chance to become acquainted with nearly all most important places in the Gorski kotar area.
In the near future, tourism professionals are planning to further improve this unique path, which means that larger groups of visitors interested in this aspect of Gorski kotar can be expected in the area.