Kvarner newsletter / no 21

Opening of the passenger terminal in the harbour gives Rijeka a new skyline

After the grand opening, Rijeka harbour can now claim to have one of the most beautiful maritime passenger terminals in the world. This has not only changed the town's skyline, but also features a restaurant offering top gastronomic fare, and bars and clubs to enrich the town's nightlife.

In addition to premises designated for port administration, sale of tickets and luggage deposit, the newly opened passenger terminal also hosts a luxury restaurant complex, one of the largest of its kind in Croatia. The complex covers a total area of two thousand square meters extending over three floors. The building is completely covered in glass and offers wonderful views of the town of Rijeka and its harbour. The Terminal includes a modern café and sandwich bar, a lounge club and a unique steak restaurant on its top floor with a very special gastronomic offer: the steaks will be prepared in a dry-aging method, which means total control of the complete process of meat ripening. Only chosen gourmet restaurants offer meat prepared in that way.
In addition to this top gastronomic offer, the Terminal will also host a Lounge bar, which will add to the attractiveness of Rijeka's nightlife with various musical programmes featuring urban club music.
The construction of the Terminal and the overall renewal of the harbour gave the town of Rijeka a new appearance. The terminal complex is located at the large breakwater that offers magnificent views of the town, and which has now become Rijeka's new attractive promenade. Its name is Molo longo and is increasingly popular among the inhabitants of Rijeka.