Kvarner newsletter / no 21

The right place for a break in nature

The Čabar area, located in the northernmost part of Gorski kotar, continues to draw in plenty of nature lovers. They come here to find their oasis of calm, to discover once again the sheer joy of spending time in unspoilt nature. To best experience Čabar, the local tourism professionals have prepared a special offer for you, based on the area's rich traditions.

The Čabar area is regarded by many as a true oasis of calm, quiet and unspoilt nature suitable for relaxation and recreation in the open air.
The vision of the tourist development of this area is primarily based on excursions in nature, with a growing demand for religious tourism. As a result, in addition to nature lovers, mountaineers, hunters and anglers, the Čabar area is now increasingly popular among pilgrims that visit local sanctuaries and participate in traditional customs in Livdraga, Žalosni Vrh and Sveta Gora. A new feature of the region is the spiritual-recreational trail Trbuhovica in Prezid.
Nature lovers come to the Čabar area to gather fruits of the forest and medicinal plants or to participate in programmes dedicated to nature and healthy living. The area hosts a row of educational nature trails and vantage points that offer magnificent views of the surroundings. The area also features a part of the Gorski kotar Mountain Trail, and the Čabar Tourism Board intensively promotes the use of the local hiking and cycling trails.
Another project is momentarily being developed: In the Footsteps of Miners of Tršće, which includes reconstruction of the Lukin rov mine near Tršće. To reach the mine, one must pass the deep gorge of the Sokolice stream underneath a steep road that leads to the village. The pit is approximately 480 metres long and has already been visited by many adventurers. However, in order to make this track suitable for "common" visitors, efforts are being made to improve the safety of the track and to illuminate the whole gorge. When this is done, the track will be opened to the public.