Kvarner newsletter / no 21

Look into the stars

The Rijeka Astronomy Centre, which was opened last April, offers visitors an interesting popular-science programme that guides them through the night sky and helps them discover more about the universe. Looking into the starry sky – which is particularly romantic from the Opatija Riviera – now has a completely new dimension.

To mark the International Year of Astronomy, the Rijeka Astronomy Centre now features a new movie about the discovery of the telescope entitled "Two small pieces of glass", in addition to the classical astronomy movie "A view of the planets".
The new programmes entitled "A guide through the night sky" and "Universe: it's up to you to discover it" are aimed at wide audience and feature professional guidance through the subject. Special programme for the youngest is prepared in collaboration with kindergartens and schools, because space is definitely a topic that will fascinate some of these children in the years to come.
The programmes take place on Fridays and Saturdays and include lectures about various astronomical issues and phenomena.
The Rijeka Astronomy Centre was opened this April and is the only centre of its kind in Europe located directly in the town. Similar centres are located in Milan and Vienna, which means that a visit to Croatia and Kvarner is also a great opportunity to learn more about the fascinating world of astronomy. 
The centre covers an area of 500 square metres indoors and 325 square metres in the open air. Due to its high-quality equipment, it has soon become a favourite attraction for all those who want to learn more about the secrets of the universe and the stars.