Kvarner newsletter / no 21

Olive harvest as tourist product

Although you may be familiar with the benefits of olive oil and the Mediterranean diet on human health, here in Punat on the island of Krk you will have the chance to put some theory into practice. Until the end of October, visitors are being invited to participate in the olive harvest, to see how high-quality extra virgin olive oil is produced, and finally to taste some interesting, healthy dishes made with this oil.

Although the 14th Olive Festival, a traditional event organised by he Municipality of Punat and the Punat Tourist Board, ended on the 11th of October, programmes for the visitors continue until the end of the month. In addition to exhibitions of olive oil and traditional products of the island of Krk, the event includes workshops with olive oil tasting, entertainment and gastronomic programme. It is interesting to mention that two hotels offer the possibility of participation in organised olive harvest for groups: the Hotel Park until the 18th of October, and the Hotel Kanajt until the 31st of October. The programme gives visitors the chance to experience olive harvest and olive oil production, and also includes video presentation and indispensable tasting of olive oil and dishes made with it.