Kvarner newsletter / no 22

Happy Dog
Rijeka's first hotel for dogs

Dog owners wishing to spend their holidays in the town of Rijeka or its surroundings, as well as Rijeka's inhabitants leaving for holidays without their dogs, now have a place where they can leave their pets and be sure they are well cared-for. In addition to accommodation, the hotel also offers a beauty salon and a pet shop.

Rijeka's first hotel for dogs, the Happy Dog, has recently been opened in the quarter of Turnić, more precisely in the Šibenska Street. The hotel, which is a part of the existing beauty salon for dogs and dog shop, disposes of five boxes for mid-sized and large dogs, and several boxes for small dogs. In case of the need, the number of boxes will be increased. In addition to accommodation, hotels services include providing food, regular walks, special care and visit to the vet if necessary, and of course all the attention and care that the dogs need.

It should also be stressed that the hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of a large meadow, which means that the dogs have their own courtyard and meadow where they can run without fear of straying into the street.

The owner of the newly opened hotel is a big animal lover who takes care of her own dogs, cats and rabbits, which is the best recommendation for this hotel, where dogs will certainly get the best possible care. It should also be mentioned that Rijeka is not the only town in the Kvarner region with a hotel for dogs, because another property of this kind was opened several years ago in Veprinac near Opatija – the Šapice hotel for dogs.