Kvarner newsletter / no 22

Rijeka's Art Cinema Croatia
Full member of the Europa Cinemas network

Rijeka's popular Art Cinema Croatia, dedicated to promoting less-well-known and independent movie productions as a counterbalance to modern multiplex cinemas showing only commercial blockbusters, has recently become a full member of the Europa Cinemas network.

Art Cinema Croatia, Rijeka's popular meeting place for lovers of non-commercial movies, has recently become full member of the Europa Cinemas network, a part of European Commission's Media Programme aimed at developing European film production and film industry. This international network came into being in 1992.

Since cinematography is today dominated by American and commercial movies, and the European film tradition is based upon non-commercial artistic expression, the primary role of this network is to encourage the distribution of European movies. Its members can exchange ideas, information, experiences and programmes, and also have access to financial support from the European funds.

Membership in this European network is a great acknowledgement for Rijeka'a Art Cinema Croatia, particularly if we know that it has only been in business for six months. It is located in the premises of the former cinema Croatia, which lost its audience after the opening of the large Cinestar Multiplex. Consequently, a new programme was developed that has already attracted many movie enthusiasts.
The programme of this cinema mainly consists of non-commercial European art movies, including many interesting productions that have never been shown in other cinemas in the region. Each month is dedicated to another topic: November is reserved for Italian neorealism.