Kvarner newsletter / no 22

Island of  Krk
Opening of the Baška Glagolitic Trail

The Baška Glagolitic Trail was opened in the Baška Valley on the island of Krk, today considered to be the cradle of Croatian literacy. It is a unique trail featuring large stone monuments inscribed with Glagolitic letters. This is a chance for visitors to the area to learn more about this ancient alphabet while enjoying a walk through the island's beautiful valleys and gardens.

Near Baška on the island of Krk, in the area where the Baška Tablet, Croatia's most famous Glagolitic monument was found, an attractive and extensive tourism and cultural project has recently been finished – the Baška Glagolitic Trail. The trail runs across the whole Baška Valley and features 34 stone sculptures into which all Glagolitic letters were carved.

The beginning of the trail with the sculpture containing the first Glagolitic letter is located at Treskavac, a pass at the entrance to the Baška Valley, and the last letter is located on Baška waterfront.

Four large stone sculptures are the work of the sculptor Ljubo De Karina, and the others, smaller in size, were chiselled by the students of Croatian and European academies on sculpture workshops in Baška.

The completion of this demanding three-year project, designed and started by the members of the Sinjali Association from Baška, was celebrated with an exhibition that gives an account on the development of the trail. The exhibition is displayed in the small church of St. Lucy in Jurandvor – the place where the famous Baška Tablet was found, one of the oldest monuments of the Croatian language from around 1100 AD.