Kvarner newsletter / no 22

Great news for boarders this winter: snowboard park!

Plenty of surprises lie in store for visitors to Rijeka's popular ski resort of Platak this winter. Snowboarders will be particularly satisfied, for Platak will now feature a large snowboard park, the first of its kind in Croatia. The park will be designed to meet the demands of even the most skilled boarders, and will also host championships in this extreme sport.

This winter, snowboard fans – professionals, amateurs, and those yet to become so – will have the chance to enjoy a new, fully equipped snowboard park on Rijeka's ski area of Platak. This is the first snowboard park of its kind in Croatia, and the opening is scheduled for the World Snowboard Day – the 20th of December.

The Platak Ski Area, a winter recreational resort only forty kilometres away from Rijeka, will now become popular not only among skiers, but among snowboarders as well.

The snowboard park will cover an area of approximately 5,000 square metres on the Radeševo piste on the spot where snowboarders used to meet before. However, this winter they will have at their disposal all necessary equipment – ski jumps, kickers, rails and boxes, arranged in a way to satisfy the needs of both amateurs and professionals. It is expected that the Platak Snowboard Park, which will be completely fenced in, will soon be a new attractive location on the European calendar of snowboard competitions.

Apart from the new snowboard park, the Platak ski area has several surprises for skiers as well. Ski slopes are intensely being prepared, snow making machines are ready for the start of the season, and the Radeševo piste now has a completely renovated ski lift.

Activities to improve the Platak ski continue from year to the joy of all lovers of winter sports. Last year, skiers welcomed the possibility of night skiing, which will of course continue this year as well. Sledders also have many facilities at their disposal. Although it is not this year's novelty, we should also mention the attractive, long trail for sledges and snowmobiles in the valley of Pribeniš.