Kvarner newsletter / no 2

Adventurous weekend outdoors
The attractive wilderness of Zeleni vir (Green vortex)

In the immediate vicinity of a well known little town in Gorski Kotar named Skrad, there is vacation area Zeleni vir which for years has been visited by numerous nature lovers, but also by sworn adventurers who can enjoy the challenges of the wilderness in this otherwise tame landscape. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Zeleni vir is a protected nature reservation in which in addition to classical natural beauties, streams, little brooks and forest landscapes, there are attractive facilities – spring Zeleni vir (Green vortex), canyon Vražji prolaz (Devil’s passage) and cave Muževa Hiža (husband’s home). For visitors, the entire landscape offers possibilities for a day long exploring and enjoying the natural beauties and adventurous moments given that some of the mentioned „attractions“ are hidden deep inside the woods, entangled with numerous canyons and caves.
View of Zeleni vir gives the impression of being in front of the temple from ancient times. Coming down a 70 m high rock are two mountain streams which flow in thousands of drops in front of the cave opening where the spring is located. Spring water creates a small green colour pond after which the spring was named. The third stream flows out from the cave, following the path and flowing out to hydro power plant.
If we turn right from the mountaineering home, the path takes us across two little bridges which at first glance do not anticipate any surprises, but afterwards ascents begin on steep sides, bridges and footbridges. The path is then indented into cliffs high above the stream which is why its name – Devil’s passage doesn’t come as a surprise. Below the little bridge, in the abyss is the stream falling down, and foaming water rolls over the stones creating a deafening murmur. The cliffs are more vertical and it seems like they are joined on a wining path.  The trace of the sky disappears in this gallery which the water has been creating for thousands of years, in which everyone instinctively holds on to the bridge fence. After the excitement, the canyon starts widening gradually, and the path leads to cave Muževa Hiža for which you should have your own lighting. Underground hallway leads to the hall with a little pond. Cave explorers have here discovered an endemic sample in our fauna – human fish (proteus anguinus). Water and air temperature is cca 8 degrees Celsius. 
It is good to combine a visit to Zeleni vir (green vortex), Vražji prolaz (Devil’s passage) and cave Muževa Hiža (husband’s house)  to be able to see all those natural beauties.  The entire tour takes maximum cca three hours of walking, and an expert guide is at visitors’ disposal.