Kvarner newsletter / no 23

Diversity is beautiful – the new slogan for Kvarner's tourism

Diversity is beautiful! For those who haven't yet come to Kvarner, its new tourism slogan perfectly expresses why it's worth visiting this region and discover for themselves what this diversity is all about. Those who have visited Kvarner before and have explored the region's coasts, islands and wooded hinterland, are already well aware: Kvarner's diversity is so very beautiful indeed!

Kvarner's tourism offer is based on the region's extraordinarily beautiful landscapes along the coastline, on the islands and in the wooded hinterland, and on its long tradition of welcoming visitors. These are the reasons why this region's tourism offer, according to the Strategic Marketing Plan for Tourism on Kvarner, includes a wide range of services and activities such as activity holidays, business trips, sports, soft adventure, sailing and cultural tourism. Kvarner tourism professionals are determined to further improve this offer, which is confirmed by the fact that the new Strategic Marketing Plan for Tourism on Kvarner in the period 2009-2015 has been adopted at the beginning of October. The Plan is based on the area's long tradition of tourism, natural assets and actual trends, because Kvarner is an ideal destination not only for summer holiday on the seacoast during the main season, but also in other parts of the year. Not to forget the region's mountainous and rural parts, which are also ideal for vacation. To business visitors, Kvarner offers great opportunities for organising congresses, team-building and incentive programmes. The long tradition of health tourism, together with the region's exceptional natural assets and professional members of staff, resulted in a wide range of wellness services and facilities, thalassotherapy and medical programmes offered. Kvarner is an ideal destination for all those who enjoy hiking, walking, biking, or diving, or are in search for a perfect training ground for sporting competitions. Sailing and yachting are very special parts of Kvarner's tourism offer: the region boasts well-equipped marinas and wonderful landscapes that guarantee a perfect sailing experience. Kvarner is also a region with several places of pilgrimage, and the venue of many renowned festivals and events, cultural programmes and monuments, and beautiful towns and villages inviting visitors to enjoy a wide range of entertainment programmes or interesting sightseeing tours. Another important reason for visiting Kvarner is the region's excellent offer of gastronomic specialities and quality wines.

Since every single part of the Kvarner region has some very special distinctive features, the aim of the new Strategic Marketing Plan for Tourism on Kvarner is to promote this diversity. For example, Opatija Riviera will be intensely promoted as a venue of luxury, elegance, culture and fine living. The area of the City of Rijeka will be presented as a pulsating, open, non-conventional centre of Kvarner. The whole Croatian Littoral, which includes the Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski Riviera, will be promoted as the area of high energy with a healthy, sporting, youth spirit. The island of Krk is Kvarner's "heart" of entertainment, equally beneficial for body, spirit and mind. The island of Rab is known as the "emerald island"; the island of Lošinj is the "island of vitality", and the island of Cres is Kvarner's ecological oasis. In the wide areas of Gorski kotar, visitors can restore their inner peace and harmony surrounded by unspoilt nature.

The wide range of services and facilities continues to invite many visitors to this unique region, which will from now on be recognisable by its new visual identity and the slogan that so truly reflects all the Kvarner's distinctive features: "Diversity is beautiful".