Kvarner newsletter / no 23

Original products of the island of Rab
Let's go shopping – every Friday!

With the aim of promoting original local products made from honey, olives, lavender, sage and other medicinal plants, as well as several other products specific to the area, members of the Rab's Mocira association of producers of souvenirs of practical value came up with the idea of holding a market every Friday to sell their products. The initiative, known as "Always on Friday", has already generated great interest among tourists.

"Always on Friday" is the title of the latest programme designed to make some of the island's original products made from honey, olives, lavender, sage and other spice plants growing on the island available to the visitors, but also the inhabitants of the town and the island of Rab. The programme was initiated by the members of the Mocira association of the producers of original products of the island of Rab. Each Friday morning from 8.30 to noon, an exhibition of original products will take place in the Mali Palit shopping centre, where visitors and all interested local people will have the chance to buy tasty souvenirs typical of the island of Rab. These include various sweets made from honey, salty delicacies made with olives and olive oil, various products and beverages with lavender, sage and other spice plants, or the plants themselves. Other products offered include herb liqueurs and brandies, or tasty natural jams and marmalades. In addition to food and beverages, the exhibition also includes attractive products made of sheep wool, such as clothes, bags, socks, dolls, and a variety of decorative, hand-made household items.

Members of the association are also busy making various "maritime" souvenirs that will also be offered to the visitors each Friday, such as natural soaps, sea salt with various fragrances, and numerous other souvenirs.

Everybody who visits the Mali Palit shopping centre on Friday will also have the chance to taste the products displayed and to learn more about the island's tradition and valuable products offered by the members of the association.