Kvarner newsletter / no 23

Pizzeria Bracera in Rijeka
Enjoy both flavours and colours!

Visitors to Bracera can now enjoy a unique combination of the visual and gastronomic arts: the freshly refurbished interior of this popular pizzeria is now decorated with works by the famous painter, graphic artist, sculptor, illustrator and set designer Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić.

Visitors of Rijeka's popular, recently refurbished Pizzeria Bracera, located within the Zlatna školjka restaurant in the Kružna Street, will now enjoy a unique combination of visual arts and gastronomic delicacies. The merit for turning the interior of the pizzeria into a cheerful gallery with an impressive collection of works of art goes to the renowned painter, graphic artist, sculptor, illustrator and set designer Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić.
The interior is dominated by a large boat hanging down from the ceiling, with numerous paintings attached to it or displayed throughout the pizzeria. Radoičić, who is renowned for his works in vivid colours, decorated the pizzeria with more than fifty interesting colourful paintings and figures – small ships, various fishes, oars, and boxes.

Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić, who just turned 79, has painted numerous interiors in his typical style, many in the local region (in Ika, Lovran, Rabac etc.), but also five properties in Vienna.

Apart from providing the colourful works of art for decorating the interior of the freshly refurbished Pizzeria Bracera, Radoičić also influenced the choice of colours for the walls, which are now also painted in vivid nuances.

Interior design is just a part of this eminent artist's interest. Vojo Radoičić lives and works in Rijeka, Begovo Razdolje in the Gorski kotar area, and in Vienna. His works include paintings, small figures, illustrations for children, applied graphics, and textile designs. Radoičić has had more than 170 exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.