Kvarner newsletter / no 23

Mali Lošinj
New home for the Apoxyomenos

The Kvarner Palace on Mali Lošinj's waterfront will be the new home for the island's "most famous inhabitant" – the Apoxyomenos. A draft design of the Apoxyomenos Museum in which this antique statue will be permanently displayed, has recently been presented to the public.

The Kvarner Palace on Mali Lošinj's waterfront is going to be the new home of the bronze statue of Apoxyomenos. According to the draft design that has recently been presented to the public, the new Apoxyomenos Museum is going to be a very interesting venue full of surprises, and the statue will be presented in a very dramatic way.

Apoxyomenos is a large bronze antique statue from the 2nd or 1st century BC, which was found on the seabed in the waters off the island of Lošinj in 1999.

According to the draft project, the statue of Apoxyomenos will be displayed in a special part of the Kvarner Palace, arched over by a glass dome, which will fill up the space between the building's outer walls and its roof. Since the dome will be supported by steel beams, it will look like as if it were floating.

The museum collection will be divided into several parts with different lighting, sound and tactile effects, colours and scents designed to engage all visitor's senses.

The entrance will be located in the lobby of the Palace and, contrary to the rest of the Museum, it will look very ordinary. From there, visitors will start the guided tour of the museum through a rather dark ambience filled with the scents of fragrant Mediterranean plants. The show can now begin! The first hall is very "cold" – made of polished aluminium with smooth edges, which will give this room a sense of endlessness. The dramatic ambience will be intensified by illuminated tables revealing details of the story about Apoxyomenos. From there, the visitors will enter a small amphitheatre where they will view a film about Apoxyomenos. This room will be decorated with golden sponges creating a completely different mood than the cold aluminium effect in the previous hall. Next is the "room of periscopes", where visitors will for the first time see the "hero of the museum" from a low angle. Only after that, by ascending a ramp surrounding the glass capsule, the visitors will finally see the whole statue of Apoxyomenos, illuminated by bright light beams. Dynamic, not too loud music and artificial haze will further intensify the dramatic effect while visitors enjoy the full view of this extraordinarily valuable bronze statue.

In addition to the above mentioned creative elements, the museum will include a row of other inventive surprises. After its completion, this property will be not only a world-class museum, but also a new central venue for cultural and public events in Mali Lošinj.