Kvarner newsletter / no 23

Winter in Ravna Gora
Activity holidays and fun in the snow for all the family

From the numerous winter resorts of the Gorski kotar area, increasingly popular with visitors every year, we now present Ravna Gora, a small town whose surroundings offer some great opportunities for relaxation and activity holidays.

Ravna Gora is located in the very heart of Gorski kotar, only forty kilometres from the sea. Surrounded by magnificent mountains, this area offers numerous possibilities for activity holidays and continues to attract numerous visitors.

Ravna Gora is surrounded by Mount Bjelolasica and the hills of Višnjevac and Suhi vrh on the one side, and the mountains of Javorova kosa, Kosica and a row of lower hills on the other side. They all offer wonderful landscapes, numerous possibilities for activity holidays, and a network of hiking trails with 12 main attractions.

Well-tended cycling tracks and the completely new bowling alley are some of the facilities that attract sporting enthusiasts to the area. Apart from that, the area of Ravna Gora includes winter sports facilities such as cross-country courses in the plains and ski pistes and facilities for children on the slopes of the mountains. The neighbouring village of Šije has s small ski lift that is also open at night.

Hikers and mountaineers will surely enjoy the hiking trails in the wider area around Ravna Gora. The tour starts from the ponor Kosica at an elevation of 970 metres above sea level, and ends at the highest peak of Gorski kotar – Mount Bjelolasica. Some of the attractions included in this tour are the caves of Kicljeve jame, one of the largest cave systems in Croatia, and the surrounding hills and mountains – Javorova kosa, Vijenac, Turmin, Višnjevica and Bjelolasica. Of course, the tour also includes breaks in resting places, vantage points and stations along the route with numerous natural, cultural and religious landmarks.

The whole tour takes approximately 24 hours of walking, depending on individual possibilities, and can also be done in a company of a professional guide.