Kvarner newsletter / no 24

Rijeka Modern and Contemporary Art Museum
3. Biennale Quadrilaterale

The Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Rijeka presents for the third time one of the most significant regional art manifestations – the Biennale Quadrilaterale that this year, under the title „Media art – angles and intersections“, presents the artistic creativity of the new media.

Although it has been opened as early as at the beginning of December let us remind that the 3rd Biennale Quadrilaterale shall be held in the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Rijeka until 13th January. It is one of the major artistic manifestations in this part of Europe. It is a great biennale exhibition of contemporary authors from Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Italy, covering a new topic each time.
The first edition of the Rijeka Biennale dealt with relativity issues, the second one, organized in 2007, was entitled Culture Heroes, while this year's edition is based on the presentation of new media art works. These are works created by means of digital technology that have strongly shaped the contemporary society, so that the Biennale, in addition to presenting the art works has also the task of re-examining the various angles and intersections that derive from the new media in terms of the specific political, economic and cultural environment of the participating countries. They cover intersections of various media such as cinema, photography and performances, telecommunications… and besides the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, exhibitions have also been staged on several other locations, imprinting to the whole town the features of a multilateral and multimedia scene.