Kvarner newsletter / no 24

Juraj Plančić and the Holiday Table

This year too the Opatija January days will be coloured with art – In the Art Pavilion Juraj Šporer in Opatija an exhibition of selected works by Juraj Plančić was opened at the end of December, and the Museum of Tourism presents the opulence of the holiday table.

Until 17th January a great exhibition of selected works by the Croatian painter Juraj Plančić shall be held in the Art Pavillion Juraj Šporer in Opatija. They are works of this famous Croatian painter from the beginning of the past century, consisting of part of the holdings of galleries from the islands of Brač and Hvar and of the Lošinj Museum.
The exhibition, with the Opatija Museum of Tourism as its chief organizer, presents in total 30 pictures and graphics depicting his native land, the main painting topic of this early deceased painter. Juraj Plančić was born in Hvar in 1899, he studied painting in Zagreb and in 1926 moved to Paris where he will die four years later of tuberculosis at the time of his full painting swing. In the course of his short artistic work his favourite topic was his native land, so that the Opatija exhibition presents a cross-section of his very best works created in the native Stari Grad, Zagreb and Paris. However the exhibition does not flirt with retrospective but presents the collections of this famed painter that remained property of the mentioned island galleries.
Moreover, the tourists will be able to enjoy in another, completely different artistic expression in Opatija. Namely, until 1st February the Opatija Museum of Tourism hosts the exhibition Festive Holiday Table set in cooperation with some ten Opatija hotels and restaurants. The exhibition is interactive because its participants demonstrate their skills in setting and decorating holiday tables. Many of them present modern trends, but they also recall the long-standing history and tradition of catering and the values of the rich heritage of the entire Opatija region.