Kvarner newsletter / no 2

Gastro-weekend of Gorski Kotar
Preserving the traditional folding fan of gastronomy

For the third year in a row, the Tourist Board of the Town of Delnice has organized
gastro-weekend of Gorski Kotar, a two-day manifestation which through promotion of the table culture in Gorski Kotar, presents tradition of former cuisine and ways of preparing autochthonous ingredients.

This gastronomic event was held in Radnički dom (Workers’ home) in Delnice, and alike previous years, its objective was to promote, gather and unite caterers and producers of healthy food from Gorski Kotar.
The visitors were enjoying the tastiest delicacies of Gorski Kotar, tasting and buying many products from Gorski Kotar such as honey, liquor, homemade brandy, vinegar, cheese and berries.
In addition to inevitable demonstrations of food preparations in large frying pan and spectacular flambé, manifestation also included cultural-entertaining program, round table on food and exhibition of art works.
On the first evening, the Mayor of Delnice had his own gastro-show at which, will little professional assistance, he was making game and mushroom stew, and on the second evening members of the Croatian culinary representation were preparing their own delicacy – turnip and cabbage with flambé kebab, and catering objects and food producers were presenting diverse offer of autochthonous dishes from Gorski Kotar. 
Croatian Association of waiters and bartenders from Rijeka has introduced conifers cocktails with organoleptic characteristics of fir tree and spruce which were an excellent choice for the culinary specialities.