Kvarner newsletter / no 24

Gorski kotar
Enjoying in winter activities

For those for whom winter is the synonym for enjoying in the snow, walks in the wooded areas as well as for romantic evenings by the fire and a rich table, Gorski kotar – the wooded interior of the Kvarner region – is an increasingly appealing destination, suitable to the expectations and requirements of guests of all generations. If you come here in January, you will have the opportunity to attend or even to participate directly in sleighing and skiing competitions.

Throughout the month of January the 2nd Night Slalom Petehovac 2010– a slalom competition for all age groups will be held in Petehovac, just three kilometres away from the town of Delnice. Here, in addition to the slalom you can also enjoy in snowboarding, cross-country skiing and sleighing. It should be noted that there is also a climbers' lodging on Petehovac, offering food and accommodation. Another reason to come to Delnice lies certainly in the fact that the 4th open championship of the town of Delnice in sleighing of single and double-seater luges is held on the sleighing drive Potok. Guests of Ravna Gora, a tourist destination in the immediate vicinity of the motor-way Zagreb – Rijeka, have another reason to come here in January – namely in the course of this month the Night Recreational (Adven)turistic Cross-country Skiing Competition will be held there.

No doubt, snow sports lovers find also interesting the skiing centres Čelimbaša and Begovo Razdolje, both in the vicinity of Mrkopalj. In the Čabar area, just one kilometre from the locality Tršće, lies the ski slope Rudnik that, in addition to skiing for children and adults offers also the possibility of night skiing.

Platak should by no means be added to this review of Gorski kotar ski resorts given the fact that – in addition to development - another of its great assets is the vicinity of the town of Rijeka and the unique view extending from the ski slopes to the sea coast.

An advantage of all the mentioned as well as of other Gorski kotar ski resorts is the fact that they offer recreation opportunities for the whole family, ski school courses and enjoying in the far known Gorski kotar gastronomy and the idyllic atmosphere due to which, despite increased beds supply, there is always a mounting demand for beds in this region.

Despite the capriciousness of the winters and global warming, you will enjoy your stay in Gorski kotar in any climatic scenario. Namely during your stay you will be able to spend your time pleasantly and actively in walks, cycling or some other sport or simply visiting the Gorski kotar sights.