Kvarner newsletter / no 24

The Riječka beltway
Reaching the Kvarner destinations in a quicker and more comfortable way

At the very end of the last year the Rijeka beltway was opened to traffic and thus the way to the Kvarner destinations has become both quicker and more comfortable. Kvarner has never been closer!

At the end of last year the Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor opened the Rijeka beltway to traffic in full motorway profile owing to which the way to the Kvarner destinations has become shorter and more comfortable than ever. The total length of the completed southern roadway of the Rijeka beltway, the section junction Orehovica-junction Diračje amounts to km 8.85, and together with connection roads to km 9.6. The value of the investment exceeds one billion kunas and the works lasted almost two years.

In building terms this has been one of the most difficult and demanding roadways in Croatia. Namely, on the section junction Orehovica-junction Diračje there are four tunnels, two viaducts and the Rječina brigde, two overpasses and one underpass, and windbreaks have been constructed along the beltway in the total length of km 10.5. In the new southern roadway section between the viaduct Mihačeva Draga and the overpass, instead of a windbreak in the form of walls, a steel tunnel construction has been erected in the length of 352 metres that is partially lined with solar panels and forms a solar power plant of the installed power of kW 30.
Including this beltway, Croatia has km 1.246 of motorway and semi-motorway. Today, owing to these modern roadways the distance between Rijeka and Zagreb can be covered by car in just 1 hour and 15 minutes and the drive from Budapest to Rijeka has been reduced to less than five hours.