Kvarner newsletter / no 24

Wellness, enjoyment and health care

No doubt that stress has a negative impact on health. There are several ways to reduce it or, even better, act preventively against it. The delight of relaxing in the wellness centres certainly is one of the most pleasant and thereby an additional reason to visit Opatija in March. In the month of open wellness doors many benefits expect you there.

Last year this famous tourist destination marked even 120 years since it was proclaimed health resort. Following previous professional researches the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy proclaimed it health resort exactly on 4th March 1889 determining its future in this way. It is mentioned in many lexicons and tourist guidebooks of the time as an elite health resort. They describe in detail the mild Opatija climate due to which it is recommended to convalescents, especially those recovering from serious respiratory and circulatory illnesses. Permanence is recommended to convalescents in spring and in autumn. The guidebooks mention also the seaside promenade and the rooms in the hotels of the time are described as „hygienic and comfortable“.

Opatija has a specific variant of Mediterranean climate the features of which result from its position, exposed to the sun, sheltered by the wooded mountain Učka and the luxuriant vegetation in the locality itself. Let's add that it is situated in the lee, that there is no unbearable heat in summer and that it is protected from the wind in winter. It is precisely the fact that it offers a pleasant stay in any time of the year that has favoured the development of whole-year tourism here.

Still today, in the wake of this tradition, Opatija bases its tourist offer on the development of health tourism, pioneered by Thalassotherapia Opatija that was established in 1957 as Thalassotherapy Institute and today Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation of Heart and Lung Diseases and Rheumatism. Today it is the major cardiological rehabilitation centre in the area and one of the biggest laboratories for functional non-invasive cardiologic diagnostics. The new Thallasso-wellness centre operates in the framework of Thallasotherapy and covers the total surface of 2500 m2.

However most hotels in Opatija offer rich, high-quality and imaginative wellness products with a lot of peculiarities. All of them offer special benefits to wellness guests in March that will make the guests' permanence even more pleasant and contribute to the achievement of the desired goal: to feel and look as well as possible.

By tradition, the Nature Park Učka joins the month of open wellness doors by organizing programmes in the nature with professional guides and in foreign languages. Moreover, there is the best known Opatija natural wellness – a 12 km long walk along the wonderful seaside promenade.