Kvarner newsletter / no 25

In the framework of the Rijeka Carnival manifestations
Kiril Džajkovski & band at the Carnival Party

As an addition to the Carnival «madness», the jubilee – tenth electronic music festival known as Carnival Party is scheduled to be held during the last three days of the famous Rijeka Carnival manifestations – that last from 17th January to 14th February. Among high-sounding names of the international electronic scene, the manifestation will host also the world famous Macedonian star Kiril Džajkovski.

The big Macedonian music star Kiril Džajkovski will perform at the final manifestation of this year's Carnival programme lasting from 17th January to 14th February in Rijeka. Kiril Džajkovski and his ten-member band will be the main stars of the traditional Carnival Party, held for the tenth consecutive year in the framework of the Rijeka Carnival manifestations. The Carnival Party, also known as the electronic music festival, will be held from the 12th to the 14th of February, adding much to the excitement of the core of the Carnival festivities, i.e. the big International masked parade that will close another Rijeka Carnival on the 14th of February.

This year the three-day electronic Carnival Party spectacle will be held by the sea, on the Karolina Riječka pier, and the announced Macedonian star will appear with his band the very first day. It will be their first-run appearance in Rijeka, a fact that is no doubt going to fire up the fans of this type of music. In fact their music represents a very dynamic mix of modern electronic and Macedonian ethno music. Kiril is one of the founders of the band Bastion and former member of the legendary Macedonian group Leb i sol. He started his career with the present band when he moved to Australia and released the very successful album “Synthetic Theatre” there. He has recently completed another album with the participation of a whole series of international musicians: Ras Tweed (Kruder&Dorfmeister), Esma Redžepova, Nicollette Love (Massive Attack), Patrick De Santos (Thievery Corporation), MC Wasp and TK Wonder.

So far he has appeared with his band as the headline entertainer at famous festivals such as the Zagreb INmusic festival and the Exit from Novi Sad, and they also played as opening act at the legendary Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ concert.