Kvarner newsletter / no 25

Mali Lošinj
Maritime greats as tourist brand

The tourist-educational project “Lošinjskim jedrima oko svijeta” (Around the world with Lošinj sails) organized by the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office will present the long shipping and shipbuilding tradition of Mali and Veli Lošinj in an interesting and unique way. Interesting stories about Lošinj seafarers will take the guests back to days of glorious shipping tradition.

The Mali Lošinj Tourism Office, finding inspiration for its projects in local natural and historical features and tradition, proceeds with the creation of new attractive tourist programmes, among which the one entitled “Lošinjskim jedrima oko svijeta” stands out. This project valorizes - from the tourist point of view - the rich history of Lošinj seafarers who spread the name of the island all over the world, thanks to their excellent navigation skills.

Several Lošinj seafarers have been selected for this purpose and their accomplishments on seas all over the world will be presented to the tourists through interesting stories.

One of these stories tells about the past glory and the shipping adventures of the great captain Petar Budinich from the 18th century. He was born in Veli Lošinj in 1746 and died in Port au Prince, Haiti in 1782. He was the first Lošinj captain to sail across the Atlantic in the course of a two-year voyage to Jamajka in the vessel “Santo Domenico”.

His namesake Petar Petrina is the character of another interesting story. He also lived in the 18th century (from 1706 to 1758), and became famous for his intrepid battle against the much stronger Algerian pirate ship. Because of the victory in that battle, waged in 1752, he was awarded the gold medal and the knightly order of St. Mark.

The third story is about the seafarer Simeon Budinich (1744-1815) remembered for several valuable titles. This seafarer set off for his first navigation when he was just over 12, and he sailed for full 40 years, which was an extremely long shipping career at the time. After the active life spent at sea he was first appointed Justice of the Peace in his native Veli Lošinj, and in 1808 became the first President of the Veli Lošinj Municipality.

Other details linked to these, but also many other Lošinj seafarers, sports sailors and praised sailing vessels will be presented in an interesting way, and the stories about them will have not only tourist but also educational significance.