Kvarner newsletter / no 25

The Lošinj Garden of Fine Scents
It all smells of lemons and oranges

The month of February will pass by in the sign of fragrances, tastes and colours of lemons and oranges in Mali Lošinj. Throughout the month tourists will be able to enjoy in fragrant specialties, purchase at the fragrances fair, participate in creative workshops and enjoy in cosmetic arrangements based on the mentioned citrus fruits.

Mali Lošinj, on the homonymous Kvarner island, and its Fine Scents Garden are another attraction worth visiting. Following the rhythm of nature, each month is in the sign of different seasonal plants, and February is in the sign of the fragrances, colours and tastes of lemons and oranges.

It is a well accepted project entitled Lošinj Fragrances and Tastes that, organized by the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office, has been taking place for many years on the island.

Owing to its mild climate Lošinj is the home of numerous local but also of exotic plants. The most prominent place where the numerous plant species have taken root is the Lošinj Garden of Fine Scents, however the tradition of cultivating the rich island flora is deeply rooted in the spirit of each Lošinj inhabitant, so that fragrances also spread from their small gardens and house lots.

As much as 1018 plant species have been found in Lošinj, of which 939 belong to autochthonous species so that this «fragrant tradition» comes as no surprise.

Each month is in the sign of the seasonally topical plant species and the programme includes everyone – from caterers, wellness and beauty centres, hotels, shops to the great number of hosts glad to offer some of their specific recipes to the tourists.

Thus February will pass by in the sign of tasty pastries and dishes based on lemons and oranges. A big fragrances fair will be organized, as well as lectures on the importance and the use of the mentioned citrus fruits, creative workshops, while hotels and wellness centres will offer package arrangements tailored to the tourists, as they always do.