Kvarner newsletter / no 25

Valentine's Day in Opatija
Romantic arrangements in the midst of Carnival festivities

This year again Opatija, considered by many the ideal destination for a romantic celebration of Valentine's Day, expects readily all lovers, those who are still to fall in love as well as those who are simply in love with life. The numerous wellness centres offer a whole series of romantic packages, and if you had enough of romanticism or if you wish to experience something new, simply get out of the hotel and enjoy the local Carnival «madness»…

Is there a place in the Kvarner region more romantic than Opatija?! Naturally, it all depends on one's taste, but it cannot be denied that Opatija is no doubt of the most sung about and romantic coastal destinations in Croatia and consequently the ideal place to be visited on Valentine's Day. The fact that this year Valentine's Day falls on Sunday can be a further reason to spend a really romantic weekend in Opatija.

Eight among the numerous Opatija hotels, all of top-category, are equipped with big wellness facilities. Namely Opatija is one of the most important wellness destinations in Croatia. The modern wellness programmes have developed out of the long tradition of what once used to be a very popular thermal and therapeutic centre. The current tourist programmes are based on this tradition and a combination of natural features with state-of-the-art wellness and tourist trends.

On the eve of Valentine's Day love couples are offered numerous packet arrangements with special incentives and with a particular accent on wellness and spa treatments for two. The programmes include pleasant massages in two, aromatherapy, antistress and beauty programmes, treatments to lift body and spirit energies, thalassotherapy, revitalization by crystals and a whole series of other treatments. An excellent supplement to these relaxing programmes are by no means the Carnival manifestations held not only in Opatija, but in many other Kvarner localities, too.