Kvarner newsletter / no 25

Gorski kotar
Along the paths of protected landscapes

If you decide to spend your winter holidays in the snow-covered Gorski kotar combine your stay in comfortable accommodation facilities, enjoying in winter sports or other forms of recreation with another experience – exploration of natural attractions and protected landscapes.

The nature in Gorski kotar is very beautiful and this fact, coupled by the idyllic winter atmosphere and the pleasant climate in any period of the year has been attracting an ever increasing number of tourists. Protected landscapes deserve special attention.

If you are in the vicinity of the small town of Skrad, there are even two protected landscapes in the area - Vražji prolaz and Zeleni vir.

Zeleni vir, that can be reached from several directions from Skrad and Brod na Kupi, is a powerful source on the bottom of a shallow, spacious cave. Some seventy metres-high rocks hang over its entrance with a picturesque cascade that falls down them creating a glittering water curtain. It got its name (Zeleni vir = green whirlpool) after the greenish colour of the water of the lake formed in the cave, and there are several pedestrian and mountain paths in its vicinity.

Another attraction in the area is the 800 metres long canyon Vražji prolaz, considered by many one of the most beautiful sights in Croatia. It is a narrow gorge through which the mountain stream Jasle forces its way between some one hundred metres-high rocks. Above it small bridges and stairs have been constructed by means of metal supports hewed into the rock so it is easy to explore it in its entirety. At the very end of Vražji prolaz there is another attraction – a spacious, approximately 200 metres long cave called Muževa hižica.

In the vicinity of the locality Vrbovsko there are also two protected attractions. The first one is the three kilometres long canyon Kamačnik that, along high rocks and through constructed wooden bridges, leads to the deep Karst source.

The other attraction is the excursion centre Litorić, 700 metres above sea level, some seven kilometres away from Vrbovsko. There is a hunting lodge there that with its interior fascinates the visitors, and is also very attractive for holding various celebrations.

The attractive peak Petehovac is situated in the Delnice area. It is a protected landscape that occupies a special place in the Delnice tourism. It is particularly attractive in winter owing to the fact that there is a skiing slope on the very top, and many wavy plateaus throughout the  area, that are suitable for tour skiing and for a whole series of other winter activities.