Kvarner newsletter / no 25

The Vinodol riviera
A paradise for wine-lovers

The Vinodol riviera is known not only for the attractive tourist offer but also for the vast vineyards and top-quality wines, in which tourists can enjoy in any time of the year.

Ever since the first new grape-vines were planted in the Vinodol area some fifteen years ago and the vineyards started to be renovated, Novljansko polje with the area Pavlomir has become the destination of wine-lovers. The newly planted trees have increased the wine production and this has attracted numerous tourists to the area.

Novljansko polje and the Pavlomir area are situated on the way from the small town Bribir to Novi Vinodolski. The entire area is dappled with vast wine-grower's areas that get expanded each year by new plantations, which automatically increases the quantity of produced wine, too.

For the time being the tourists can get to know the rich wine-growing tradition in the developed spot Pavlomir, with the homonymous wineries and the attractive tavern Studec. Last year the winery produced almost one hundred thousand litres of quality wines, among which the Chardonnay variety is a high-quality wine, and the other four varieties have been officially labeled as quality wines. These are the autochthonous varieties: the white wine Žlahtina, the famous Vinodol rosé Ružica Vinodola and two red wines – Morčić (Frankovka) and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The tourist programme starts with the tour of the vast vineyards and an instructive walk through history, custom and tradition of the mentioned winery. Thereafter the guests can enjoy in the tasting of the seen wines, of traditional dishes from the Vinodol area and several types of local brandy that the hosts frequently offer to their guests as a souvenir.

The wine story lives more intensively in the summer period when the famous manifestation“Ružica Vinodola” takes place. The manifestation is organized each year, in honour of the homonymous wine' years-long tradition.