Kvarner newsletter / no 26

Mali Lošinj, Novi Vinodolski and the Municipality of Vinodol
High recognition for responsible tourism

For the high quality of sustainable tourism projects in their areas, the tourism offices of Mali Lošinj, Novi Vinodolski and the Municipality of Vinodol all received high recognition at the Milan International Tourism Exchange – the Responsible Tourism Award.

For their projects "The Eyes of Vinodol – a tour of vantage points" and "Fragrances and tastes of Lošinj", tourism boards of the town of Mali Lošinj, the town of Novi Vinodolski, and the municipality of Vinodol, won the Responsible Tourism Award at the Milan International Tourism Exchange (BIT – Borsa Internazionale del Turismo). This award has been presented for decades by the famous Italian "L'Agenzia di viaggi" tourism magazine, which is distributed to approximately 10,000 travel agencies.

To win this award, the candidates have to meet the strict World Tourism Organisation criteria. Their projects must promote sustainable development, environmental care, and distinctive features of the local region.

Two Croatian projects have been recognised as complying with these criteria. The "Eyes of Vinodol – the route of vantage points" encompasses six vantage points (three in the area of the Town of Novi Vinodolski and three in the Municipality of Vinodol) offering magnificent views of Kvarner Bay, Vinodol region, Velebit Channel, and the town of Senj.

The vantage points are located on strategic locations – Mahavica, Pridva and Slipica in the Municipality of Vinodol, and Gradina, Svib and Kuk in the area of the Town of Novi Vinodolski – offering wonderful views of the surrounding landscape. The vantage points are connected by a 65-km-long trail that winds along the borders of these areas.

The second awarded project is the "Fragrances and Tastes of Lošinj” by the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office. As many as 220 kilometres of well-tended trails pass along the coastline and in the interior of the island. A distinctive feature of these trails is the fragrant vegetation that surrounds them. Some of the paths are for easy walking – particularly the ones on the coast. On the other hand, some are much more demanding, thus being ideal for experienced hikers and those wishing to gain some real hiking experience. In addition to the fragrant vegetation, the paths are also attractive for the unspoilt nature and numerous vantage points offering magnificent views of Lošinj and the neighbouring islands.