Kvarner newsletter / no 2

Hotel Villa Astra Lovran
Over 100 years of class and comfort

In the second half of the 19th century, when Austrian-Hungarian aristocracy has discovered the beauty and blessings of the Kvarner bay, construction has begun of  luxury villas and hotels. Not long after that, Lovran and Opatija became known for winter health resorts of the royal families.
That is how luxurious Villa Astra was built, which today is a hotel with Small Elegant Hotels certificate.

Located along the well known promenade Lungo Mare, Villa Astra was built in 1905. Famous architect Atilio Maguolo had designed and built the villa in Venetian gothic style which uses the element of flower, upon request by family Guerra. Façade and windows are richly decorated and well preserved, and the hotel interior offers extraordinary comfort and beauty with its colours, furniture and atmosphere.

Professional and courteous staff of Villa Astra is at the guests’ disposal at all times, and the guests can relax with massages, ayurvedic and cosmetic treatments, yoga or tai-chi exercises.
Inventively created meals are a mixture of local products, freshness, nutritional value, health and aesthetic perfection.
Beautiful surroundings, perfect architecture, impeccable service, unrivalled gastronomic offer and care for the guest are specialities which make Villa Astra an exceptional and unforgettable experience.