Kvarner newsletter / no 26

New project of the Municipality of Vinodol
The Stone Stairs recreational trail for tourists

After renovation of the area's old forest paths, visitors to the Vinodol region will have the chance to enjoy a walk along the 4.5-km-long, circular Stone Stairs Trail. This route, which in the past was the only link between the forest areas and villages, passes through a magnificent landscape past numerous natural and cultural-historical monuments.

The Municipality of Vinodol, which encompasses the wooded area around four main settlements – Bribir, Drivenik, Grižane-Belgrad and Tribalj, has started an interesting cultural-historical project entitled "Stone Stairs Trail". The trail should be opened to the visitors in May.

This 4.5-km-long circular trail starts and ends in the centre of the village of Grižane. Apart from almost 1,300 stairs carved out of stone, the trail, aimed both at tourism and recreation, encompasses many cultural-historical monuments and several climbing rocks. Visitors will have the chance to learn stories from the recent history, when this route was the main link between the wooded areas and the villages. Local people used it to carry grapes, figs and cherries (during the World War Two also salt) to Gorski kotar and exchange them for wheat, potatoes, and beans. There are several benches carved out in stone, on which people used to rest during their daily trade route.

The trail also passes through the village of Gobići, the birthplace of the celebrated Croatian miniaturist Julije Klović (1498-1578), known internationally as Michelangelo of the miniature. After that, the trail ascends to the gorge of mountain Klamaruša with two attractive caves, and reaches the mountain peak at an altitude of approximately 500 metres above the sea. Here it connects to the existing Litica mountain trail and returns to the starting point in the village of Grižane.

The initiators of this new project of the Municipality of Vinodol Tourism Office were local mountaineers and nature lovers, who prepared the trail so it can be used by visitors. Signposts, safety fences and – where necessary – warning signs will be put into place by May, and after that the trail will be opened to the public under the watchful eye of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service.