Kvarner newsletter / no 2

Destination for all seasons

Located only an hour and a half drive from Zagreb and cca 45 minutes from Rijeka, mountain Bjelolasica with the renovated Croatian Olympic Centre, provides the guests with numerous facilities for active holidays and recreation, and also with area around the centre where a pleasant combination of Mediterranean and continental climate represents an ideal place for relaxation of body and soul.

As the highest mountain of Gorski Kotar in chain Kapela, Bjelolasica is rich in spacious and thick woods, streaked with clay rocks and spacious meadows, and forest paths and roads link them into an unique combination of forests and hills which is why it is ideal for those who like hiking and biking. During the winter time, the mountain is an attractive ski destination since it is usually covered with snow until mid spring, when it is reduced by rich flora of fields with flowers. Despite steep sides, the mountain ridge is also a mountaineering path connecting the top of Bjelolasica with ski courses of the Croatian Olympic Centre. There are two main starting points for accessing the top of Bjelolasica. From tourist settlement Bjelolasica, the path towards the top goes under the cable car up to restaurant Međustanica (intermediate stop), where it continues until the top and mountaineering shelter Jakob Mihelčić. The second path starts from direction of hotel Jastreb in Begovo Razdolje. Cca 6 kilometres of macadam road takes you to the foot of the top which is approx one hour ascend away. Both paths take between three and four hours of walking.
The Croatian Olympic Centre Bjelolasica is located in a spacious valley at the altitude of  620 meters, and is less than 30 kilometres from the nearest town Ogulin. Given its diverse facilities, the centre has for many years been a favourite picnic ground in Gorski Kotar, considering that it is a quality destination for tourism, holidays, sports and recreation where entertainment for all ages and interest groups is offered all year round.
Tourist settlement was renovated in 1998, has 136 rooms and a total of 324 beds, restaurant,  aperitif-bar, rooms for socializing, congress hall, informatics cabinet, sports hall, gym and sauna.
Guests looking for outdoor activities can choose between hiking, mountaineering, biking, skiing, sledging, ski running, terrain horse back riding on arranged paths, exceptional possibilities for hunters and fishermen, alpinism challenges to adventurers not only on Bjelolasica but also on the surrounding mountains -  Klek and Bijele (white) and Samarske rocks.