Kvarner newsletter / no 27

Festival of Science in Rijeka
Science as a tourist attraction

In addition to being a city of culture, festivals and urban tourism, from the 19th to the 24th of April Rijeka will also be a city of science. During that period, Rijeka will, together with Zagreb, Split, Osijek, Starigrad and Zadar, host the national Festival of Science, which will this year be dedicated to the subject "The Earth", presenting various relevant fields of science to a wider audience.

The 8th Croatian Festival of Science will take place from the 19th to the 24th of April simultaneously in Rijeka, Zagreb, Osijek, Starigrad, Zadar and Split. Each town has its programme and specific features, but the main theme is always the same: "The Earth". The festival will cover various topics from the fields of astrophysics, biochemistry, oceanography, and climatology, in popular language suitable to the wider audience. Various scientific themes will be presented in an interesting, dynamic and interactive way through a series of exhibitions, workshops, experiments, street performances, lectures and presentations.
The Festival of Science in Rijeka will be organised at twelve locations in the town – from the History and Maritime Museum of the Croatian Littoral to Rijeka's main promenade, the Korzo, which will be the venue of various scientific experiments and the festival's central information point.

The programme will take place every day from 11 a.m. until late evening hours and will include attractive exhibitions, workshops and lectures.

Exhibitions entitled "Eco-Jewellery and Planetotipia", "Destination: Earth", "Journey to the centre of the Earth", "Life in the wilderness" "Across the seas" will make a visual account of the riches of our planet; expert lectures and workshops will cover other more or less known scientific subjects.

The festival will also include various lectures such as "Earth, Istria and Kvarner – the past 650 and the next 250 million years", "Computer chemistry: simulation of life", "What does the brain do?", "Ice ages on the Earth", "Earth and Mars: aquatic and desert planets", "Little Einsteins", and much more.

However, since this festival is not a purely scientific panel, during these six days there will be attractive workshops aimed at literally everyone. The inhabitants of Rijeka and their visitors will be invited to take a walk across the Solar System, study the science of the magic lamp, learn more about Kvarner's archaeological heritage, listen to popular science radio broadcasts dedicated to natural sciences and mathematics, watch the attractive stage play entitled "Let's measure the Earth", listen to the street "Concert for glasses and physicians", and participate in a guided birdwatching tour in Rijeka's Vladimir Nazor Park.