Kvarner newsletter / no 27

Mali Lošinj
Apoxyomenos Festival

The famous statue of Apoxyomenos is today a very recognisable symbol of the island of Losinj. To mark the 11th anniversary of the statue's discovery in the seabed near the town of Mali Lošinj, the town's streets and institutions will be celebrating its "birthday" from the 24th to the 27th of April. However, this will only be the beautiful end of an interesting month, which will start with some excellent gastronomic surprises.

Ever since the antique bronze statue of a Greek athlete, Apoxyomenos, was discovered in 1999 in the waters off the island of Lošinj, the people of this island have had many reasons to celebrate. This year, the 11th Apoxyomenos Festival will take place from the 24th to the 27th of April to mark the "birthday" of the island's most famous "inhabitant".

The Croatian Apoxyomenos is one of eight preserved Hellenistic copies from the 2nd or 1st century BC. The integrity and quality of workmanship of this statue make it one of the most faithful reproductions of the prototype of ca. 300 BC.

During the festival, visitors to Mali Lošinj will have the opportunity to watch various events dedicated to Apoxyomenos, enjoy Roman baths and massages offered by the hotels, observe live Apoxyomenos statues, or participate in the presentation of the project for the museum, where Apoxyomenos will be permanently displayed. The festival will also include a special gastronomic offer with Apoxyomenos cake and cocktails, specially designed for this occasion.

At the beginning of April, visitors to Mali Lošinj will have the opportunity to enjoy another interesting event – the 4th Lošinj Cuisine Festival, aimed at promoting original gastronomy based on the islands' flora and fauna.

During the Cuisine Festival in the period from the 1st to the 9th of April, 14 restaurants and taverns will offer unique specialities based on Mali Lošinj's seafaring tradition and the menus of Lošinj's sea captains.

The menus offered will include traditional dishes such as dry octopus brodetto with polenta, pork sausages with raisins, Captain Petrina's octopus brodetto, Santo Domenico stuffed squids, risotto with pršut dry-cured ham and corn, and many other specialities.

The final presentation of the complete "captain's offer" will take place on the 9th of April on the central town square.