Kvarner newsletter / no 27

European Destination of Excellence
Fužine – one of Croatia's five most attractive pearls

One of the most recognisable resorts in Gorski kotar, the small lakeside town of Fužine, has made it into the top five Croatian resorts to compete for the title of most attractive European Destination of Excellence (EDEN). This year's theme is Aquatic Tourism.

Of all the Croatian candidates – holiday resorts located beside bodies of water – only five are left in the race for the title of best Croatian destination of excellence. Among these is the famous resort in Gorski kotar, the small lakeside town of Fužine. This year's competition for the best European Destination of Excellence (EDEN) focuses on the theme of Aquatic Tourism.

Apart from Fužine, other Croatian candidates are the town of Karlovac, then Nin, the oldest Croatian royal town, the island of Krapanj, and the easternmost Croatian town – Ilok.

Fužine has several good arguments for the title of the best: two picturesque lakes (Bajer and Lepenica) that make the basis for the development of the area's tourism offer and attractions, the unique qualities of the local everyday life, and the overall image of an attractive green landscape.

Fužine is located in the very heart of Gorski kotar at an elevation of 730 metres above the sea level and can easily be accessed by the Zagreb-Rijeka motorway. Thanks to its beautiful woods and lakes, and the area's fresh clean air, Fužine and the surroundings are an ideal venue to escape from summer heats and crowds. The clean waters of the rivers, streams and the two lakes, Bajer and Lepenica, abound in various fish species. Apart from swimming, the lakes are also suitable for various water sports such as sailing, surfing, diving, boating, canoeing, or kayaking. Around the lake are well-tended walking and cycle trails. The area also abounds in attractive locations for visitors interested in adventures and caving, and also for those who just like being in nature.
In addition to its specific climate and beautiful nature, Fužine also boasts numerous cultural and historical landmarks. Visitors can find accommodation in private houses, apartments and guesthouses, which, together with restaurants, offer a variety of original dishes of the region.

If you visit Fužine in winter, the otherwise green landscape will be covered in snow, offering plenty of opportunities for skiing and sledding.
The final decision about the best Croatian lake, river or coastal destination will be made by mid-April. After that, the winner will represent Croatia in Brussels among the best European destinations of excellence. But regardless whether Fužine wins this competition or not, its inhabitants and the tourism office can be proud for being chosen among the top five Croatian lake, river or coastal destinations, which is already a great recognition.