Kvarner newsletter / no 27

Which frog is the fastest?

Like every spring, Lokve – the European frog metropolis – will host Frog Night, a traditional event dedicated entirely to frogs. The highlight of the evening will be the frog jumping competition. But if you cannot make it to Lokve for this unique event, you can always come here some other time and visit the town's unique Frog Museum.

If you want to learn more about the interesting and insufficiently researched world of frogs, we recommend visiting the Frog Museum in Lokve that includes a vivarium with local frogs living in an environment designed to imitate the conditions of heir natural habitat. In the museum you can also observe the development of frogs from frogspawn over tadpoles to adult frogs, watch interesting documentaries, and listen to audio and visual recordings. But there is more – the Frog Museum also displays exotic frog species from all over the world, and works of art inspired by them. The museum also accepts donations: if you have any item with frog motif, your hosts will be thankful for helping them achieve their goal – create the largest collection of frog-related items. The Frog Museum also presents previous winners of the frog jumping competition.

This year's, 34th international Frog Night will take place on the 24th and 25th of April. The central event will be the traditional three-round frog jumping competition that continues to attract many visitors to this beautiful part of Gorski kotar, renowned for its attractiveness, uniqueness, gastronomy and a variety of entertainment programmes. Another traditional event, the Children's Frog Night, this year takes place for the 17th time with the aim of increasing children's interest in frogs. Judging by the results, there is no doubt that the care for these animals will be continued in the future, and tourists will have more and more reasons to visit the European frog metropolis.