Kvarner newsletter / no 2

Mountaineering home “Petehovac” open

On the top Petehovac above town of Delnice, the opening ceremony of the mountaineering home located in the centre of ski-recreational centre was held mid December.

Petehovac Home is located in the middle of the ski-recreational centre. Its business activities were recently assumed by one company from Zagreb which was the motive for the opening ceremony.
The business of mountaineering home Petehovac is now managed within Zagreb company SportExperts, while the external facilities of that boarding-house as well as ski track with ski-lift are still being managed by the previous owner, Canadian entrepreneur Dragutin Križaj.
Mountaineering home has capacity of 26 beds with each room having a view of town of  Delnice and surrounding mountains. In addition to accommodation area, also at guests’ disposal is a restaurant with cca 100 seats, which in addition to pleasant fire from the open fireplace, offers rich and diverse gastronomic offer, mostly specialities of Gorski Kotar, game dishes, frog legs, trout and sweets made from berries.
Let us remind, ski course Petehovac is located at the top with the same name above Delnice, at the altitude of 1024 meters. The ski course is located cca 5 kilometres from Delnice.
The ski track begins at the very top, in immediate vicinity of the hotel, providing a beautiful view of Delnice and Slovene Alps. The ski course is 410 meters long and the length of the ski lift is 315 meters. The height distance between the operating and turning part is 51m. Maximal speed is 3,6 seconds between the skiers unloading. The most frequent work speed is 750 to 800 skiers per hour. Ski lift is of the latest model with hydraulic stretching and night lighting, of mild ascend and adapted for skiing beginners and children.