Kvarner newsletter / no 28

For lovers of music, tradition and romantics

In the historic town of Kastav, this month of May is very special: it includes the feast of the town’s patron saint, Saint Helen, and also the beginning of the artistic programme within this year's 19th International Kastav Summer of Culture Festival with a series of attractive performances. However, this beautiful small town always offers plenty of wonderful new experiences, even when it seems that there is not much going on…

The historic town of Kastav, located ten kilometres west of the region's centre, Rijeka, and five kilometres north of the holiday resort of Opatija, overlooks the Kvarner Bay from a hill at an elevation of 365 metres above sea level. With its medieval defensive town architecture, Kastav is today an interesting stage for appealing musical, theatre and painting performances, traditional festivals, and presentations of old handicrafts. The calendar of events in Kastav is extraordinarily rich and varied, its highlight being the famous International Kastav Summer of Culture Festival that takes place from the 1st of July to the 14th of August. The visual arts programme starts even sooner – on the 22nd of May. Other interesting events include the 14th International Kastav 2010 Brass Band Festival (June 5), Kastav Film Festival (June 19-21), Guitar Festival (July 22-25), and much more.
But even on the days when there is no programme according to the calendar of events (and this is rather rare), visitors can enjoy the town's wonderful architecture, museum collections, and excellent gastronomy. Interesting exhibitions are displayed in the Kastav Museum Collection, the Cooper Museum, the Coppersmith Collection, and the Speleogallery, which presents various karst phenomena and their ecological importance.