Kvarner newsletter / no 28

Brod Moravice
Exciting summer in the countryside

If you are not a particular fan of chic holiday resorts, crowded beaches, streets and restaurants – make a different choice and come to Brod Moravice, the smallest and oldest municipality in the Gorski kotar area. Your friendly hosts will do their best to make your stay here as pleasant and fulfilling as possible – a holiday where you can really recharge your batteries.

Municipality of Brod Moravice, located in the north-eastern part of the County of Primorje-Gorski kotar, that is, in the western part of the Gorski kotar region, has become popular for its peaceful, anti-stress ambience, and the packed calendar of events. Starting with May Day, as an overture to the forthcoming season, visitors can enjoy holidays in a somehow forgotten, rural way.
The programme will include some interesting traditional country sporting, such as football match between married and singles, and bocce tournament for women. Bocce is a traditional Mediterranean outdoor sport that is popular throughout Croatia. It requires a court, which may be natural soil, few balls, and lots of good will by the participants of all age groups. This is why many people do not regard bocce a sport discipline, but rather a nice pastime, in which interested visitors can also take part. The programme will also include performances by local cultural societies and free servings of beans.
On the 18th of May starts the exciting hiking tour entitled "Through the canyon of River Kupa". This tour, traditionally organised by members of the Vršak alpine club with the aim of getting to know some old villages located along River Kupa, includes a visit to the "forgotten" village of Goršeti at an altitude of 205 metres above sea level, where hikers can participate in the holy mass in the small church of St. Lucy.
Just like the other resorts in Gorski kotar, the municipality of Brod Moravice has not only wonderful nature and peaceful environment, but also a series of sacred monuments. This is why this area is popular among visitors interested in religious programmes. In the village of Male Drage, the feast of Pentecost will be celebrated on the 23rd of May, and the traditional religious event entitled "Sacred Heart of Jesus" on the 13th of June. On the 29th of June, the village of Podstene will host the event entitled "Saint Peter and Paul", and the feast of St. Ann will be celebrated on the 25th of July in the village of Šimatovo.
The month of August will also be interesting: the traditional Municipality Festival will be celebrated on the 16th of August. This three-day folk festival includes sporting competitions, painting exhibitions, and dancing and entertainment programmes.