Kvarner newsletter / no 28

Antiques Festival in Ravna Gora
Peek into ancient chest

The 1st Antiques Festival was held at the end of April in Ravna Gora in Gorski kotar. The festival brought together many lovers of antique items and the local cultural and historical heritage. The festival is now over, but the exhibition that reveals most of the treasures that can be found in an ancient kitchen remains open until the end of May.

With the aim of presenting the traditional heritage of the local area, Ravna Gora Tourism Office and numerous local associations designed an interesting festival – the 1st Antiques Festival "Items from ancient chest". The main part of the programme took place in April, but the exhibition of an old kitchen remains at display until the end of May in Goranka Sports Centre.
The first festival was a kind of journey back in time for many visitors. It included presentations of old furniture and various household items, dishes prepared to old local recipes, traditional handicrafts, and numerous local products and souvenirs.
The programme brought together many participants (local associations, choirs, cultural and artistic associations, artisans, and school groups) and included a visit to the historical Juretić estate in Leskova Draga – a picturesque example of a well-preserved old property.
The aim of this festival, which continues next year, is to rescue some original antiques of the local area from oblivion. This is why the exhibition of an original old kitchen will remain open until the end of May: this is an excellent chance for younger generations to see how kitchens looked like in the past.
In the next years, the Antiques Festival in Ravna Gora will present typical interiors of former bathrooms and living rooms.