Kvarner newsletter / no 3

Kvarner worldwide
Successful presentation of the Kvarner region to the markets of Russia and Ukraine

Kvarner and its 16 leading tourism companies were presented at a three-day event in mid-January in Russia's capital. The presentation was organised by the Kvarner County Tourism Office in cooperation with the Representative Office of the Croatian National Tourist Board in Moscow.

The presentation of tourist attractions in the Kvarner region for tour operators and journalists from Russia and Ukraine included projections of promotional films and the distribution of a whole range of advertising materials in the Russian language. This was also an opportunity for the representatives of 16 firms from Kvarner and a further 20 Croatian firms and representatives of 70 Russian and Ukrainian tour operators and agencies to meet individually or in a workshop. Guests were also invited to taste some specialities of Croatian cuisine and selected wines and to enjoy the entertainment programme, called “Croatian evening”.  

Tourism professionals from the Kvarner region are quite optimistic about the outcome of these direct meetings with their Russian and Ukrainian partners – so says M.Sc. Gordana Medved, director of the Kvarner County Tourism Office. We expect a growing share of the Russian market in Kvarner's tourism after this series of presentations and workshops, after the MITT Fair in Moscow in March, and finally, following the study tour of Russian agencies and journalists in Kvarner in May.