Kvarner newsletter / no 29

Island of Lošinj
Continuous communication with visitors

The importance of advertising and good PR in tourism is evident from the increasing number of visitors to the website of Lošinj's Tourism Office and Facebook fans. Accordingly, Lošinj's tourism professionals are expecting a significant increase in the number of visitors to the island this summer.

Daily updated website with latest information about events and tourist programmes, targeted promotional actions and interactive invitations to spend the holidays on the Island of Vitality – these are the main features of the web promotion of the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office designed to attract more visitors to this Kvarner island. This goes to show that the promotion of a destination that boasts rich and attractive tourism offer today cannot be done without using modern tools such the Internet. Of course, this is nothing new, but when the number of website visitors increases for almost 50 percent in just one year, this is the sign that the campaign has taken the right direction.

There are many other indicators of Mali Lošinj's successful web promotion. Facebook site entitled "Lošinj – the island of vitality" has approximately 7,800 fans, and in the first four months of this year, the official website was visited by as many as 120,000 visitors. There is more – on average, each visitors spends approximately five minutes on the website, which is quite a long time when it comes to browsing the virtual world. This shows that the content of the website is very interesting, and that it will probably attract many "real" visitors.

Lošinj's packed calendar of events is another guarantee for a pleasant stay and a great time. The town hosts various events almost every day, including cultural events, concerts, sports competitions, exhibitions, gastronomy, theatre performances, festivals presenting important events from the island's history and tradition, and much more. Not to forget some programmes that have made this island recognisable, such as the all-year Garden of Fine Scents project, the new programme entitled With Lošinj's Sails Around the World, then programmes dedicated to Lošinj's most famous inhabitant, the bronze Apoxyomenos statue, and a series of other attractive programmes. This is all just a small part of the island's overall offer designed to meet the needs of visitors of all age groups and preferences.