Kvarner newsletter / no 29

Try a different way
Get to know the largest Adriatic island – on foot!

The island of Krk – connected to the mainland by a bridge – now offers another attraction – almost 300 kilometres of well-tended and marked walking trails, which connect some of the most attractive vantage points, coves and wooded areas of this island.

"Walking Trails on the Island of Krk" is the name of a project designed to give the visitors of the largest Adriatic island the chance to get to know this destination on foot. The trails on this island have existed before, but within this project they have been connected, marked, and drawn in on a map, which also includes information and photographs of some attractions along these ca. 300-kilometre-long route.
The main part of the project encompasses ca. 120 kilometres of trails that connect seven major urban centres on the island, offering the visitors several different routes and types of trails that vary in attractiveness and difficulty.
The visitors can choose among easy, laid-back tours along the coast, or the more difficult routes through the interior of the island that are partly hardly passable.

Coastal routes are suitable for most visitors, offering not only recreation in the fresh sea air and wonderful views of the sea, but also the enjoyment of walking through numerous coves and an old pine forest. Apart from the easy trails along the coast and in the interior of the island, visitors who are used to walking can also try some of the more demanding routes, which are aimed exclusively at experienced hikers and mountaineers. These routes include some steep, hardly passable parts, but also reveal numerous attractions and vantage points on elevated spots, offering magnificent views of the neighbouring hills, other Kvarner islands, and the mountains on the mainland.

The entire route is divided into 13 walking trails, each of them requiring approximately three to five hours of walking. Some tourist agencies will soon be offering 7-days walking programmes along these routes for visitors who will be staying of Krk both during and outside the main season. Interested visitors have at their disposal a map that gives information in four languages about the routes and some interesting landmarks.