Kvarner newsletter / no 3

Tourism to 2015 
How to reach the goal?

The Strategic Marketing Tourism Plan for the Kvarner region for the period 2008–2015, which is the operational part of the overall General Plan of the Development of Kvarner Tourism 2005–2015, demands the fulfilment of the key roles undertaken by everyone involved in the development of Kvarner's regional tourism.

The aim of the Strategic Marketing Plan, drawn up by experts from the Institute for Tourism, is to define the overall marketing concept needed for the achievement of goals in tourism. The most important of these goals is to prolong the tourist season, increase the profitability of its tourism, open up new markets and improve the quality of services by investing in superstructure and developing human potentials.

The first presentation of this project for everyone involved in Kvarner's tourism was held at the end of January in Opatija, to be followed by three additional series of presentations and discussions with representatives of key tourism institutions and companies (public sector, financial sector, etc.). The project should be finished in six months' time.

In order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and opinions about Kvarner's tourist marketing, an Internet forum was opened:
http://kvarner.forumotion.com/index.htm . A link to this forum can also be found on the Kvarner Tourism Office website: www.kvarner.hr.