Kvarner newsletter / no 29

Ravna Gora
Activity holidays scented by the aroma of the healing elder flowers

Unspoiled nature, activity holidays, recreation in the fresh air, and – last but not least – the area's rich gastronomic offer based on delicious forest fruits, with known healing effects. Could there be a better invitation to visit Ravna Gora, a delightfully picturesque part of Gorski kotar, which in mid-June will host an event dedicated to the elder flowers and their produce?

Holidays in harmony with nature is the major advantage of tourism in Ravna Gora, a picturesque resort located in the heart of Gorski kotar, where visitors can engage in various activities and enjoy some unique events dedicated to the fruits of the mountains.
The wide range of events from May to October continues to attract numerous nature lovers to Ravna Gora. Particularly worth mentioning is the "Ravna Gora Fruits of the Mountains" festival – a series of events based on a different fruit each month.
The month of June is dedicated to elder. Delicious flowers of this plant are used to produce various delicacies – the refreshing, healthy juice, or specialities such as fried elder flowers. The Day of Elder is scheduled for the 19th of June, which will be followed by the Day of Blueberries on the 4th of July. Blueberries are widely growing berries that have recently become synonymous of Gorski kotar's gastronomy.
During these festivals, the visitors will have the chance to learn more about specific fruits, their medical properties, sample some produces made of them, take part in various activities, or buy some original souvenirs and home-made products.
The visitors are first offered a welcome drink and small refreshment before starting the tour of Ravna Gora walking, hiking or cycling trails. Tour guides are well familiar with the local landmarks and customs, and will be glad to share some interesting stories about the local traditions, indigenous fruits that grow here, and typical products of this region with the visitors. This is an excellent opportunity to spend a wonderful day relaxing in the enchanting nature of the Ravna Gora area.
The excursions can also be organised for larger groups of visitors with lunch on a location upon agreement, or in some restaurant in the area of the municipality of Ravna Gora.