Kvarner newsletter / no 29

Water wells – the source of life. The story of an ancient tradition

While large urban centres attract visitors with their modern facilities, rural areas located away from city crowds have different advantages to offer: a pleasant atmosphere, rich traditions, eventful histories, and local customs. In June, visitors to the municipality of Viškovo will have an interesting chance to travel back in time and see what life was like here in years gone by.

On the 5th and 19th of June, Viškovo will host an attractive cultural, theatrical and poetry programme entitled "Water wells – the source of life". The main goal is to tell the story about public water wells, which are present on many locations in the villages throughout the municipality of Viškovo.

This municipality is located north-west from Rijeka, and the water wells that are dug in the ground, covered with stones and fenced off with dry-stone walls are an important part of the local history and tradition.

Water wells used to be the source of life: local inhabitants came here to take water, but also to meet and chat with each other. However, over time, these wells have lost their social function, and precisely this is the main idea of this event: to remind people of the former importance of these wells, particularly if we have in mind that in the last few years 28 wells in the area of the municipality have been renewed. The Viškovo Tourist Board started a unique event that will take place twice in June on the wells in Gornji Jugi Marčelji, turning these wells again into meeting points like in the past.

The programme will include musical, theatrical and poetry performances with some local vocal groups (klape), pupils from the Young Musicians music school with several guitar compositions, children and adults performing recitations, and local singers. The programme is designed to draw people's attention to the importance of water wells as meeting places, and the visitors will also have the chance to sample some local specialities – wine, fritule fritters, and salenjaci cakes.

On the 19th of June, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Marinići Brass Band, there will be the 2nd regional meeting of local orchestras, which will additionally cheer up the festive atmosphere in the municipality of Viškovo.
At the end of month, on the 29th of June, Marinići will host the popular Halubje 2010 youth music festival.