Kvarner newsletter / no 30

Hotel Therapia Crikvenica
A heart for football outlaws

Croatia and Austria have always been strongly connected in terms of history, tourism and sports. Among other things, neither of these two countries is participating in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Sport fans are certainly not happy about that, but with some luck, they will still find comfort at the Hotel Therapia Crikvenica.

"If you couldn't make it to the FIFA World Cup, at least you can go on holiday at a reasonable price, or even win a free holiday!" This is the message from Falkensteiner hotel group, which owns the Hotel Therapia in Crikvenica. They invite their website visitors to place bets on the winner of the World Cup and win one week or two weekend holidays in the hotel. By participating in the action entitled "A heart for football outlaws", visitors can win a special offer until the 11th of July.
The Hotel Therapia has a long history. It was built in 1895 and named after the Archduke Joseph. Four years later it was renamed as the Hotel Therapia. Its long tradition of health tourism, recognisable architecture and high-quality services are the basis for the actual offer, which made this hotel famous both in Croatia and within the Falkensteiner hotel group. This company today manages 24 properties in five central European countries.