Kvarner newsletter / no 3

Tourism in 2008
Invitation to visit Kvarner all year round

Tourism in Kvarner – characterised by a variety of diverse tourist attractions and services on the coast, on the islands and in the highlands – will continue enriching what it offers in 2008, improving the quality of tourist services, intensifying marketing activities in existing markets and opening up new markets.

According to statistical data for 2007, the Kvarner region was visited by 2.27 million people, with a total of 11.17 overnight stays, and out of which 87.7 visitors came from abroad. Most guests, approximately 80 percent, came from Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. According to the intensity of arrivals and the marketing activities in 2008 announced by the Kvarner Tourism Office, these countries should soon be followed by the markets of Russia, Scandinavia, Great Britain, Netherlands, Spain and France. Great attention will also be given to markets from which guests are expected to start visiting again, such as those of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Serbia, Romania, Latvia, Norway, Ukraine, Macedonia and Montenegro. The activities of the Kvarner Tourism Office at key tourism fairs in Europe and worldwide aim to achieve this goal as well as provide individual presentations and study tours for tour operators and journalists from foreign countries.

At all fairs and presentations, particular attention will be given to the presentation of individual tourist services that are the trademark of this region, such as holiday tourism, congress tourism, wellness and health tourism, events tourism and cultural tourism, as well as the region's gastronomic specialities. All these are comparative advantages and important reasons for visiting this region, a region that is easily reachable and accessible to the main target markets. Thanks to the proximity of the Rijeka airport on the island of Krk and the Zagreb airport, Kvarner is also becoming an important flight destination.