Kvarner newsletter / no 30

Increasingly popular destination among cruise visitors

Windstar Cruises has announced several new visits to Opatija for this year: first in July, and then again in September and October.

In addition to numerous boat owners who spend their holidays on the Opatija Riviera and make use of marina services, Opatija is now becoming an interesting destination for cruise visitors. A cruise ship by the Windstar Cruises company will drop anchor in front of Opatija's harbour again in July. This company has announced five arrivals to Opatija in this year: two in June, and one in July, September and October respectively.

For the visitors coming to the town from these ships, Opatija Tourism Office has organised a hospitality desk on the waterfront, and the Elite Travel agency offers excursions to the places alongside the Riviera, in Gorski kotar, and on the island of Krk with a visit to the town of Vrbnik. Despite the fact that cruise visitors only remain here for several hours, their hosts are satisfied with the booking of the excursions. Cruise visitors mostly come from the USA, Canada, France, Great Britain and Germany. The offer was tailored to meet the needs of the visitors who entered the waters around the island of Rab at the end of May on board the luxury cruise ship "The World" with 12 decks and 165 luxury apartments owned by wealthy families from all over the world. With regard to the increasing number of cruise ships coming to the Croatian Adriatic, and the attractiveness of Opatija as a holiday resort, it can be expected that more and more cruise visitors will be coming to Opatija's harbour in the next period.